App privacy policy

1. Data collection and storage

The primary goal of Instagram Account Connection Tool is to generate Access Token and fetch minimum required information from Facebook/Instagram API, to ensure Insta Media Gallery package displays feed from your Instagram profile/hashtag.

Information received from Instagram Account Connection Tool is only visible to you, we do not store it in our file system or database.

When your are using Insta Media Gallery package:

  • We do not collect any data from the visitors of your website or send any data to us or any third party.
  • All Instagram Media and data are stored on your site (where Insta Media Gallery package was installed).

2. Processed data

When you use Instagram Account Connection Tool to connect to Facebook/Instagram, the following data is returned from their API platforms and processed by our website:

  • A list of the Facebook pages/Instagram profiles that you manage.
  • An Access Token for your Facebook or Instagram account.
  • An Instagram Username
  • An Instagram User ID

3. Purpose of processed data

An Access Token for your account is used to connect to the Facebook or Instagram API to retrieve content from the page or profile that you have connected.

List of your Facebook pages/Instagram profiles is used to provide you with the option of selecting which pages/profiles you would like to connect.

The data from your Facebook page or Instagram profile is used to showcase your Instagram feed/hashtag feed and ensure the Insta Media Gallery package works as designed.

4. App permissions

App that is used by Instagram Account Connection Tool and Insta Media Gallery package is designed to be read-only and use minimum required permissions, which means:

  • It will only read a list of Facebook pages that are managed by you.
  • It will only read a list of Media from your Instagram profile or Instagram hashtag.
  • It will not create/edit/delete any Posts on your behalf, it will not send any links, it will not post any comments etc.

5. Removal of data

You can disconnect your Facebook/Instagram account from this app by visiting Facebook/Instagram and removing it Settings page.

  • Instagram: Settings -> Apps and Websites -> "Active" tab -> "Remove" button
  • Facebook: Settings & privacy -> Settings -> Business integrations -> "Active" tab -> "Remove" button

6. Third Party APIs

You can visit the Data Policy pages of APIs that we are using:

7. Cookies

Cookies are used to manage connection between your browser and your Facebook/Instagram account during app authorization. These cookies are stored on your computer. The Insta Media Gallery package, however, does not store any cookies on your visitor computers.